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Enjoy a superb organic breakfast at Japanese farm!

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  • *all
  • *under 6 years old.
Enjoy a superb organic breakfast at Japanese farm!

  • Eat cooked rice topped with egg and soy sauce, miso soup and rolled omelet.
  • All vegetable are freshly harvested and are grown chemical free. Enjoy a meal with peace of mind.
  • Enjoy a meal of rice is cooked with a traditional steamer which does not use electricity.


Meet-up time

9:00 a.m.
Meet-up at Narita Airport Terminal 1,
1F Transit & Stay Program counter (inside the Visitor Service Center)

Start and return time

9:00am - 12:00pm ※Scheduled


Adults 3,000 JPY/ per person, children (under 6 years old) 1,500 JPY
※Payments only accepted in JPY. Cost includes food.

Application deadline

Before 2days.


09:00Meet up in the meeting area, Collection of payments. Depart in vehicle once all the participants have arrived.
09:30Arrival at farm. Orientation by organizer. Self-introductions.
10:00Cooking experience and harvesting of vegetables.
11:30Tidy up. Departure from farm.
12:00Return to airport.



  • We accept no responsibility for missed flights as a result of participation in this activity. We request customers with flights on the same day to only participate if their flight departs after 14:00 noon.
  • Temperatures are expected to be very low on the day. We request that all customers wear warm clothes and take measures to protect themselves from the cold.
  • Contact: info@orangeinc.voyage